Salary insurance ratio halved

Our establishment had an unenviable salary insurance ratio and the target that was set for us in the up-coming year seemed unattainable. We then used the services of Dr. Anne Thériault as Medical Adviser to the Health and Safety Department. Dr. Thériault has demonstrated a conciliatory approach in disability cases when a return to work was possible. She also made sound proposals that have led us on new and previously unexplored paths. The recommendations take into account our organizational reality, motivational levers of the employees she met, and the financial impact of various disability issues. With exceptional services rendered, we saw our salary insurance ratio halved in just one year. The amounts recovered can then be re-used for and prevention activities that allow us to improve the work environment for all employees. Thank you Dr. Theriault. 

Isabelle Côté, B.Sc., M.A.P.
Department Head
SWorkplace Health and SafetyCSSS de Bordeaux-Cartierville – St-Laurent